Moon Returns to Seoul and Address Press


Moon Returns to Seoul and Address Press

His Excellency, Moon Jae-in of the Republic of Korea says he is ready to serve as mediator between the United States of America and North Korea. He disclosed this at a live Press Conference with Media men covering the just concluded 2018 Inter Korean Summit held in Pyeongyang, North Korea.

President Moon aircraft landed in Military Airport in the outskirt of Seoul at 5:40pm local time. The South Korean government official received him as he walk down from the plane hand in hand with his wife. As soon as formality were conducted at the Military Airport, Moon entered with waiting vehicle and was driven straight to the Seoul Press Center at the Dongdaemun Design Plaza where almost three thousand both foreign and local journalists were waiting.

President Moon addressed the press on the successful outcomes of the 3rd Inter Korean Summit, which he described as a memorable and remarkable summit .

Moon who visited the Baekdusan Mountain along side Chairman Kim early in the day said, he has had several meeting with the North Korean leader and can say categorically that peace has finally returned to the Korean Peninsula.

Moon disclosed to the pressmen that with the declaration made in Pyeonyang, denuclearization is inevitable. Moon say there are some other issued agreed in his private talk with the North Korean leader that are not reflected in the declaration, as we has a mandate to speak to Washington on behalf of the North and also speak to the North base on what he discuss with America. In his word, “I am ready to mediate among the two countries, there are messages sent by Chairman Kim, that I am ready to deliver to Washington”. Moon promised that there will be more declaration in the days ahead, as Seoul prepares to welcome Chairman Kim hopefully before the end of the year.

Moon will be visiting New York to attend the UN General Assembly, and will met with Donald Trump, the American President. He will use the opportunity to brief Donald Trump of the out comes of the just concluded Summit and to also deliver personal messages from Chairman Kim.

At the end of the briefing, President Moon took time to exchange pleasantries with the journalists at the media center.  There are 2,263 local journalists from 187 and 465 International journalists from 124 media house in 29 countries, all together the center record 2, 728 journalists in all.





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