Because of China: How Chinese songs launched one Nigerian’s career


Because of China: How Chinese songs launched one Nigerian’s career

‍By CGTN’s The Point

“I think my musical life began after I came to China,” said Hao Di, on “Because of China,” a 2017 year-end special program from CGTN’s The Point.

Haodi grew up in Nigeria but found fame in China, making a name for himself with his performances of Chinese revolutionary songs, folk music and even traditional opera in local Chinese dialects.

His popularity skyrocketed after he participated in a series of talent shows in China.

But his journey to stardom was not always smooth. He recalled that at first he was sucked into “depression” because he felt far removed from his audience without being able to communicate with them in Chinese. So he decided to learn Chinese.

“Within a year, I could communicate with Chinese people. People are knowing me and loving me and love to listen to my music. That feeling was really different,” he said.

Now Haodi has been in China for nine years, and he repeatedly expressed his love for his second home, even in his songs, he sings:

“I love China and I love it here

My dreams set sail here

There are many people I love here

This land has my whole heart and mind

I will exhaust myself to write countless miracles.”

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