1. GOne Day Seminar for Media Correspondents/Reporters Accredited to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 7th November 2017.


The Ministry of Foreign Affairs Organised a one day seminar for Media correspondents and Reporters accredited to the Ministry. The theme of the Seminar was Understanding the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for an effective Reportage. The event was attended by the Hon Minister, the Permanent Secretary and other top officials of the Ministry.

The minister and the Permanent Secretary in their opening remarks underscored the importance of close collaboration between the media and the ministry for the main objective of achieving the FG’s foreign policy objectives.

Both also said the workshop will give correspondents insight into the conduct of diplomacy and working modalities of foreign ministries and diplomatic missions across the world.

The presentations covered ICT revolution and its impact on diplomacy; nigeria’s foreign policy and the role of the Nigerian media; understanding diplomatic terms and protocols.

Other paper presentations included objective press reportage and national interest and then exploring opportunities and benefits in diplomatic reporting.

The seminar underscored the fact that the ministry of foreign affairs and journalists who cover it are both working for the country’s foreign policy goals and objectives.

It was widely recognized that the special nature and sensitivities of diplomatic relations and conduct of diplomacy should always be borne in mind in reportage. Issues discussed included ICT Revolution and Information Age with the influence of new actors in the international relations and the global arena, all of which have affected the conduct of diplomacy and altered the traditional concept of reportage.

It was therefore recognized that Foreign ministry must take cognizance of the new means of communication and its impact on international relations and relationship with reporters and correspondents.

Against the background of the proceedings of the seminar the following were the suggestions and recommendations:

1. Deeper Engagement between the office of the spokesperson and correspondents who cover the ministry.
2. Regular briefing of journalists by the top echelons of the ministry.
(Before and after major events of the ministry).

3. The PCD must be involved in all relevant meetings.
4. Reporters were also charged to familiarize themselves fully on diplomatic procedures and protocol.
5. The need to set up an annual awards for journalists covering the ministry with outstanding reportage of the ministry during the year. It was further recommended the award be named after the late Ambassador Olugbenga Ashiru(former Minister of Foreign Affairs) who started the Diplomatic Correspondents Workshop in 2013.
6. It was recommended that there was need for a global 24/7 African television, steps should be taken by Nigeria in cooperation of other
African countries for the establishment of a Global Satelite TV.

This will promote the African agenda in the global arena.

7. It also recommended that this Seminar should be an annual event.
Participants expressed appreciation to the ministry for putting

together the seminar for correspondents and called for regular

interface between the ministry and correspondents. They also

called for the implementation of issues raised.



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